Decorative Antique World Map with two Hemispheres

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Antique map titled 'Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei Statione Variente (..)'. Very decorative world map with two hemispheres. These are surrounded by several globes. Clockwise from upper left: Southern hemisphere (South Pole) Australia showing- Northern hemisphere (Perpendicular from North Pole) - Northern hemisphere (oblique from North Pole) - The equator straight on - the equator oblique view - The Old World - Northern hemisphere perpendicular from North Pole - South Pole perpendicular view with a vague view of Australia - Another view from South Pole - The New World with California as an island - Vertical horizon - The earth graticule. Left cartouche: "Diversi Globi Terr-Aquei Statione Variante Et Visu Intercedente Per Coluros Tropicorum, Per Ambos Polos Et Partciul Sphaerae Zenith In Planum Delineati Orthogranici Prospectus" Right cartouche: ""Quibus additive pro Mutatione Horizontis Differentes Spaeeae Positiones earumque Mutua cum Circ. Coelestibus Cenvenientia et Relatio Augustae Vindelicor. Cura et Studio Matth. Seutteri. S.C. Maj. Georgr." Published by M. Seutter, 1730.

Condition: Good. General age-related toning. Minor wear and soiling. Later hand coloring, blank verso. Original folding line, with reinforcement. Please study image carefully.

Date: 1730

Overall size: 61.5 x 53.8 cm.