Antique Print of a Warrior of the Kaw Nation

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Antique print titled 'Meach-O-Shin-Gaw'. Lithograph of a warrior of the Kaw Nation. The Kaw Nation (or Kanza or Kansa) are a federally recognized Native American tribe in Oklahoma and parts of Kansas. The tribe known as Kaw have also been known as the "People of the South wind", "People of water", Kansa, Kaza, Konza, Conza, Quans, Kosa, and Kasa. This print originates from 'Histoire Naturelle de l’homme Comprenant des recherches sur L’influence des agens physiques et morau (..)' by J.C. Prichard.

Condition: Good. General age-related toning. Protective sheet attached. Minor wear, blank verso. Please study image carefully.

Date: 1843

Overall size: 13 x 21.5 cm.