Antique Bird Print of the Glossy Ibis

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Antique bird print titled 'Gatt Ibis'. Large lithograph of the glossy ibis, a wading bird in the ibis family Threskiornithidae. The scientific name derives from Ancient Greek plegados and Latin, falcis, both meaning "sickle" and referring to the distinctive shape of the bill.

This print originates from 'Naturalist Atlas' by Georg August Goldfuss. This extra large-size collection of lithographs with gorgeous recent coloring depicting animals, birds, reptiles, fish, etc. published in Duesseldorf, at Arnz from 1824-1842 this work was issued over this long period of time in series of twenty prints each per annum. There are no officially bound copies and they were issued uncolored.

Condition: Good. General age-related toning. Shows wear and a few defects (mainly in margins). Blank verso. Please study image carefully.

Date: c.1824

Overall size: 45.5 x 58 cm.