Antique Bird Print of Seven Parrots of the Order Psittaciformes

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Original antique print. Part Ornithology. Plate I Divn. 1st. Land Birds, order 2d. Picae titled: Genus Psittacus (Parrot). It shows: 1. P. Macao, 2. P. Alexandri, 3. P. Aestivus, 4. P. Garrulus, 5. P. Moluccensis, 6. P. Banksii, 7. P. Pullarius. This original antique print originates from Rees’ ‘The Cyclopaedia. or, Universal Dictionary opf Arts, Sciences and Literature’. This important 19th-century encyclopedic work was published in serialized form from 1802 to 1820. The entire Cyclopaedia consisted of 39 volumes of text, 5 volumes of plates and an atlas. Engraved by Milton after Sydenham Teast Edwards.

Condition: Fair. General age-related toning. Shows wear and soiling. Small tears in left and upper margin, slightly affecting title of print. Blank verso. Please study image carefully.

Date: c.1820

Overall size: 22 x 27.3 cm.